• Incrediwear is a wear-able anti-inflammatory, designed to reduce pain, assist in the healing process, and to prevent injuries before they happen. Incrediwear is embedded with semi-conductor elements carbon and germanium. When these semi-conductor elements react with body heat, they release negative ions which attach to positive ions in your body, which creates an exothermic reaction (draws excess heat out of the body). Incrediwear also uses a mid-level infrared optical wave to oscillate tissue (vibrates cells) which increases circulation and lymphatic drainage. Incrediwear also helps to change the alkalinity of your pain receptors as to reduce pain.


    What are negative ions and are they good or bad?

    Negative ions believe it or not are actually very good for you. Negative ions are elements that give away their valence electrons to fulfill the Octet rule. Elements that are negative ions are lithium, copper, calcium, iron, zinc etc. Positive ions can actually be quite harmful. Positive ions are harmful because they will take electrons to fulfill the Octet rule. Positive ions are oxygen, fluorine, chlorine, iodine, sulfur etc. that’s why you’re told to shower after swimming in a chlorine pool and why iodine is used to fight infections. If you every go for a walk near a water fall or in a forest and you notice that you feel energized that’s because those areas tend to have many negative ions which help to energize you.

    Carbon and germanium are neither negative or positive ions which is why they’re often found in molecules. However, Incrediwear’s patented technology has designed these elements to release negative ions/electrons when it reacts with your body heat.

What our Customers Say

  • I see great results. All of my animals will remain on LubriSynHA forever! It’s simply the best joint supplement out there and makes such a difference. I have seen great results in my horses, dogs and myself!

    Jacqueline Harris / Facebook