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The first time we used PEMF on our own horses, we saw dramatic results within 2 days. Our horses clearly experienced less pain after just 3 treatments and they had a much more relaxed demeanor. That is when we became true believers in this technology! Since then, we use PEMF on a regular basis to help rectify muscle soreness, mobility issues, and to promote cellular renewal which leads to a healthier horse.

This is not a one-and-done therapy. A minimum of 3 treatments is recommended in order to start seeing positive results with your animals. The most amazing part of the treatment is that you can see where your animal is experiencing issues. The electromagnetic pulse unveils where your horse is in pain, as you can physically see your horse’s muscles pulse. Try it, and see for yourself the difference it can make in your horses’ performance.

PEMF is for Humans Too!

Try it for yourself and experience the feeling of improved mobility and less pain! We have a PEMF chair, massage bed, and paddles to increase the intensity on specific areas of your body. Clients repeatedly report improved range of motion and less pain after using PEMF. We can assure you, with confidence, that you will feel a difference after just 3 treatments

About Joann & Adrianna Maclean

Adrianna Maclean

I’m a student at Holy Cross Secondary School, I ride and show horses, and I’m passionate about helping others and their four legged companions.

I’ve been riding for many years now and love showing and training horses. I have two show horses Wilma aka Good Sweet Angel and Spencer aka Fixntobeunforgetable which I show in all round AQHA events. I’ve been using all these products that you will find on our website on my own horses and have experienced outstanding results.

Joann Maclean



What our Customers Say

  • I see great results. All of my animals will remain on LubriSynHA forever! It’s simply the best joint supplement out there and makes such a difference. I have seen great results in my horses, dogs and myself!

    Jacqueline Harris / Facebook


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